A graduate of Franklin High School, Myra Caldwell is truly a homegrown success story. Known as a devoted mother, faithful daughter, treasured friend and proud grandmother, she is also a dynamic preacher and lover of the people of God. Minister Myra M. Caldwell has turned her humble beginnings into an inspirational ministry that empowers people from all walks of life.
During her 25 years of service to the Somerset County Sheriff’s department, Officer Caldwell came to be regarded as a beacon of light and inspiration to inmates and co-workers alike. Her commitment to her Christian walk moved many to seek her out for prayer and words of encouragement during their darkest hours. It is here, amongst murderers and career criminals, that Minister Caldwell has embodied Christ’s love most powerfully, transforming lives with selfless empathy.
Led by Christ’s example, Minister Caldwell boldly defied traditional notions of the worship experience by transforming her own home into a safe haven for all and a site to conduct her dynamic and inclusive ministry. From intimate fellowship experiences for women to an annual harvest-themed event that feeds the body and nourishes the soul, her carefully crafted events truly embody the concept of the church without walls. In this way, her ministry provides a new model for infusing one’s relationship with God into one’s everyday life. 
Through a dedicated lifestyle of prayer, intersession and the pursuit of holiness, Minister Caldwell has learned that there is a blessing beyond every battle. She shares that “struggle is just a part of your training and it only lasts for a season. It prepares you for what is to come and enables you to embrace the blessing that awaits you.” Through the grace and love of God, Minister Caldwell has found a way to transform her past pain into what now fuels her passion. Having overcome insecurity and personal struggles, Minister Caldwell takes great joy in helping women of God cultivate the focus, perseverance and consistency necessary to pursue their destiny. 

Her latest endeavor, Truly Spoiled Salon & Boutique, actualizes a lifelong dream to provide unparalleled pampering for women in need. Having served as caretaker for ailing elders and inmates alike, Caldwell sees Truly Spoiled as an opportunity to bring her decades of experience into the beauty industry, offering superior service to working women and empowering them to see their inner beauty. As reflected in the name of the establishment, Myra and her staff believe that every woman deserves to be Truly Spoiled.

From Minister to Beauty Maven